Betriebspraktikum der 10. Klasse 2017/18


My working experience

I did my internship as an office worker qualified in business adminstration at the newspaper.

The business is in Gifhorn and has 300 workers. I´ve chosen the job because I wanted to know if the job is hard or easy and if I could work there. I also chose the job because I know the boss. My work started at 8 o´clock until 3:30pm. Altogether I worked 7 hours and 30 minutes. I worked with other people too and it was really good. This job isn´t hard and not too easy, it´s ok. I really had fun there because the customers and colleagues were really funny and lovely. As an office worker qualified in business adminstration I had to put the newspaper in the right box, the name of the street were written on the box. I also did all the cash up for the colleagues at the computer.

And sometimes I went outside with the deliver boy who is named Celal and gave the newspaper, letters and advertising to the inhabitants of Gifhorn.

It was really nice to work there.



This is my report about my internship. I had my internship from 30.10.2017 to 10.11.2017 in the “Deafblind Center” (Taubblindenwerk) in Hanover. I worked there as a rhythmics-teacher. I had applied for this kind of work because I had always been interested to work with handicapped children.

On Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I worked from 8 am – 1pm and on Wednesdays until 3pm.

I spent my time with kids who were deaf, blind and mentally ill. My colleagues and me made music, dancing and theatre with them. This internship was very interesting for me and I had much fun. It has really touched me to see how the kids opened up and how they were touched as well.

The time I spent in the “Taubblindenwerk” really helped me to find out what I want to do.



During my internship I was in the metallfarmer Krösche in Hemmingen/Hannover. Every day my work started at 7.a.m and ended at 4.p.m. I worked every day with metal inside the company. But I worked

outside too. Sometimes we got a new order and went with the company car to the building.

I repaired and changed doors. The last big thing that I did was to build a new stair. At my internship I only worked with colleagues. I worked every day well and concentrated with all.

I think it was a very good and friendly internship. Yes I had much fun there. I chose this job

because I like to work with metal and maybe I do it after school. This job is hard, very hard

but if you are strong and not afraid of long work its the right job for you. The pay is very different

between the companies but its okay. You can´t affort a new car or a house but you can buy all

things that you need.



My internship lasted for 2 weeks, I practiced and worked at EsmaTex in Stadthagen. EsmaTex opens at 9.30 everyday and closes at 6 p.m. At work I had the task do design logos on the computer for clothings like tops, jeans, glasses and bags. Furthermore I did not work alone, there were also 3 other trainees. Also my boss helped me by printing the logos on the clothes. Especially it was difficult to clean the diverse rooms because of the dog whichs owner is my boss. I picked and chose this kind of job because of its creativity and it is varied. The job is neither difficult nor easy, its inbetween these two options because on some days I had more tasks to do than other days. In my opinion this internship gave me very good experience to the world of work. I had a lot of fun and variety for example when I had the chance to work in more than only one room. Therefore the people were very friendly and I accepted the rules and task.



I worked in LBZH Hildesheim as a metalfarmer.

My work started at 7 am and every day during the last two weeks I worked 9 hours per day.

I worked with my hand and lots of work objects.

I also worked with metalobjects and made them to beautiful works of art.

I made a plane and a cube. I also helped my master. He worked on a cartrailer.

I think the job was ok for me, it was not a hard job it was middle hard, and I had fun too.




I did my working experience in a nursery school because I wanted to learn more about this job and some people told me that the job could be right for me. Everyday I started at 8 a.m. We ate with the children who where coming. After breakfast I played with some children. Every Wednesday before we had lunch with the children we went in the gym which is in the same house. The gym is also the entrance hall. Every Thursday before we had lunch we went for a walk. While we were eating lunch we had to look after the children who were younger than 5 years. We had to help them with the meat to cut it into pieces. After lunch I had a lunchbreak for one hour. After the break we went outside and had to look after the children. At 3 o´clock we drank coffee and ate something with the children. After this we played a little bit or drew with the children. I had a lot of fun in my working experience because I realized that I have fun in the work with children. I think it´s the right job for me because the children had accepted me and asked me many things. Sometimes it is hard to work with children because they have their own head.